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KEMI is making workers' comp work.
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Welcome to KEMI's online services automatic registration wizard. This tool registers your business to use Online Application, Quick Pay, First Report of Injury and much more!

Register for KEMI's online services by providing an active KEMI policy number and federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) / Social Security Number (SSN).

Agencies must first be added to KEMI's internal database prior to registration for KEMI's online services. For more information on doing business with KEMI, click here.

Once an agency has been added to KEMI's internal database, agency personnel may register by providing the agency mailing address zip code and federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) / Social Security Number (SSN).

Important Notice for All Registrants

The first person who completes this registration process for your organization automatically becomes the administrator for all business logon accounts. The secured access agreement must be read and accepted before completing the registration process and accessing the website. In order to become the account administrator, you must have prior approval from your business President/CEO or management designee. If you do not have proper authority to register your business, do not continue the registration process.

Once your organization has completed the initial registration process, you may register or contact the account administrator who has rights to update user profiles, assign/modify roles and add/remove users.

To proceed with this registration, select your account type below. For registration assistance please contact us or call 1-800-640-KEMI.

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