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Loss Education & Safety

 What do you mean by "controlling your own destiny?"

You can control your own destiny by taking a proactive approach to safety by implementing a loss control and safety plan to eliminate or reduce hazards, timely reporting of claims, implementing a sound return to work program, and utilizing the many loss education services offered by KEMI.

 Does this apply to a small business?

There are workplace injuries that can affect any business. We will work with you to identify the specific needs of your business and solutions to address those needs.

 Will I be charged for this service?

All training courses offered by KEMI Loss Education & Safety are provided at no cost to KEMI policyholders. However, there is an $9.85 per student fee for ASHI certification cards and an $8 per student fee for OSHA Construction and General Industry course completion cards.

 What are the benefits of implementing a safety program?

A safety program can affect both your direct and indirect costs. The direct benefits of a safety program are derived from reducing the number and severity of injuries through implementation of effective preventive measures.  Fewer and less severe injuries equate to a lower experience modifier.  These things combined can lower the amount a business pays for workers' compensation coverage. The indirect benefits of a safety program include, but are not limited to, reduced employee absenteeism due to injuries and illnesses, reduced costs associated with the recruiting and training of new employees to replace the injured worker, and increased worker morale and productivity.

 Do safety programs really work?

Our experience confirms companies with proactive safety plans have reduced the frequency and severity of claims and reduced their workers' compensation costs. We measure our effectiveness through the success of our policyholders.

 Who can help me with a safety program?

KEMI's Loss Education & Safety Representatives are experienced at assisting business owners in developing and modifying safety programs to meet the specific needs of any type or size of business.

 What resources do you have to help me?

We have a wide array of safety resources on KEMI.com organized by topic and industry. Select resources are also available in Spanish. We publish a bi-monthly safety e-newsletter with feature news and safety updates. Safety-related promotional items are also available for distribution.

Additionally, KEMI offers specific training courses to assist policyholders in continuing education. We are an OSHA authorized training center and provider of courses through the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). The following training classes are offered:

General Safety
OSHA Construction Industry Safety
OSHA General Industry Safety
Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training
CPR/AED & First Aid Training

 How do I get started?

Contact KEMI at 1-800-640-KEMI, email us at safety@kemi.com or visit our Safety page.

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Loss Education & Safety




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