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Policy Document Portal

 Can the policyholder retrieve documents online?

No. At this time, KEMI continues to mail documents to policyholders. Only insurance agencies have access to online policy documents.

How are online document notifications sent to my agency?

• You can receive one email for every policy (you may receive multiple emails per day).
• You can receive one email for your agency. The email will list the policies with available documents.
• You can choose not to receive e-mail notifications. Instead, access documents directly from our website. Log in to KEMI.com > go to Manage My Business > Policy Document Portal. If you do not see the Policy Document Portal, your agency’s KEMI.com user administrator has not activated the delivery of online documents.

How do I get to my agency’s online policy documents?

When you receive email notifications that documents are available, click on the link in the email to view documents. After clicking the link, you will be prompted to log in.

You may also access online policy documents by logging in to KEMI.com > go to Manage My Business > Policy Document Portal.

How do I change the notification method?

The user administrator for your agency can log in > go to Manage My Login > User Administration > Document Preferences > How would you like to be notified when documents area available? Select the notification option > Save.

Can I change the email address where the notifications are sent?

Yes. The agency administrator may change the email address to an alternate email address at any time.

Can the e-mail notification be sent to more than one email address?


When are policy documents available?

Policy documents are available two business days after issuance.

How do I give access to the Policy Document Portal to other people in my agency?

When your agency’s administrator activates the delivery of electronic documents, all registered users for your agency will automatically gain access.

If our agency has multiple locations, how do I look at the documents for other locations?

Go to Manage My Business > Manage Business Home. Select which agency location you want to view. When it appears on the right under Selected Business, go to Manage My Business > Policy Document Portal.

If you don’t have access to all of your agency locations, please contact your agency’s KEMI.com user administrator for instructions.

How do I change our KEMI.com administrator?

To change the administrator for your business, complete the KEMI.com Administrator Designation Form and email the completed form as an attachment to answers@kemi.com. The designee must be a registered user on KEMI.com. To register on KEMI.com click here.



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